Spontaneous Combustion Gift Set

$ 39.99

This is a limited edition gift set including 5 ounces of our world famous King Dragon Oolong and a 150 cc purple clay fixing teapot ( approx. 5 fluid ounce). This small teapot is perfect for gong fu style Oolong with many infusions and short steep times.

*We have a very limited number of these available. *

King Dragon Oolong

All arise for I am King Dragon, an ancient and illustrious oolong tea. I smell of exquisite honey, leather, orchids, and wet stone. My taste is of ripe peaches, earth, and smoke with a smooth lingering sweetness.

As reverence for my exalted nature for millennia I was simply known as "The King of Tea". I also have been called an Imperial Da Hong Pao Wuyi Rock Oolong or Royal Red Robe, but all you need to know is that if you are to unleash my all-powerful leaves into the water, all other teas must bow before me. 


Gong Fu Style King Dragon Oolong

step 1. Heat water to a boil and let cool for 90 seconds. 
step 2. Use 8 grams of King Dragon leaves per 150 cl of water.
step 3. Pour water over tea leaves and let steep for 30 seconds.  
step 4. Immediately strain leaves from liquid.
step 5. Enjoy drinking the King of Tea!!
step 6. Repeat steps 3-5 up to 10 times for lots of Gong Fu Style Oolong

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