Winter is Coming Gift Set

$ 58.00

This winter themed gift set includes a FireBird Chai tin (5.5 oz) to warm you up to the core and the Siren Throat Health Bag (2.25 oz) to fight off any cough or sore throat that this upcoming winter will bring. It also includes the super easy and fun to use EZ Brew Tea and Coffee Brewing System.

--FireBired Chai--

I, the glorious FireBird, am an imposing beast with the exotic complexity to guide you through a wild adventure of savory, sweet, spicy, and back again. Brace yourself if you think you are ready to experience the wonder of FireBird. I am a Spicy Masala Chai that leaves scorched remnants of other Chai teas far below my ferocious wings.
I am born of the meanest Indian Estate black tea available, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, black pepper & all spice. Where other Chai teas expect you to add milk and heaps of sweetener to balance the bitter taste of inferior ingredients, I stand alone as a unique masterpiece.
My elevated nature is most notable from the refusal of being satisfied with anything but the very best and strongest tasting Premium Indian Estate Tea available. This compliments the spices and will not dare be buried under them, but earthy decadence soaring ahead for the lingering trail of spice and flavor following on your pallet.  
--Siren Throat Health--

I am the Siren—here for the singers, the shouters, and the screamers. 

Legends speak of my ability to lure wayward sailors into my deadly clutches through enchanting melodies alone. Just try to resist me. Once you have heard this beautiful winged maiden sing her haunting song, you will find—like all those who have come before—that I am truly irresistible. 

I am an herbal tea expertly crafted to soothe your ravaged throat and heal your respiratory health. I am naturally caffeine free and 100% organic. The calming experience of sweet medicinal herbs will lure you in, but beware… I won’t fail to shock your senses with the fierce heat of spicy ginger.

Whether you are a vocalist, under the weather, or simply looking for an invigorating and refreshing experience, you too can drink of this exquisite tea and feel its healing effects. Do you have what it takes to withstand the Siren’s song? Unchain yourself from the mast and come find out.

**Siren is co-created and hand-crafted for Wendigo Tea by the herbal masterminds of Hanami Tea Company. See their other unusually epic herbal blends at**


--EZ Brew--

Simply steep leaves inside and after the suggested brew time set it on top of your cup. It's drain mechanism will strain the perfect cup while leaving all the tea leaves or coffee grounds in the EZ-Brew. It will make 16 oz. (2 cups) of tea or coffee and fits cups up to a 3.75 inch diameter. It is made of BPA free material.

Comes with EZ-Brew Perfect Tea & Coffee Maker, teaspoon, and coaster.

This is far superior to small tea steeping devices because of the additional room that it allows the tea leaves to expand and move freely amongst the water before straining.



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