Everyone Was Gong Fu Fighting Gift Set

$ 90.00

Can you smell how funky this is? So FUNKY! Everyone Was Gong Fu Fighting Gift Set includes a Large 5.5 oz Skunk Ape Aged Oolong, Large 5.0 oz King Dragon Oolong, Yixing Clay Dragon Tea Pot, and a Gold Finish Stainless Steel Bodhi Leaf Style Tea Strainer. This Gift Set is an exploration in funky oolongs with a lot of character that emerges best when brewed gong fu style. And the Bodhi Leaf adds a really cool aesthetic and additional layer of filtration to your brewing process.

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Skunk Ape

Heya buddy! Folks 'round here call me Skunk Ape, probably because of my bewildering aroma. Some say it is like burnt marshmallow, and others say I smell like seaweed, tobacco, and an ol' barnyard... I guess they all could be rightGrab that mug, give me a whiff, and let me know what ya think!
Skunk Ape is a fully fermented 10 year High Mountain Oolong from Taiwan. Once a year during the aging process, it has been slowly charcoal-fired to form a truly playful yet distinguished and aromatic tea. Hidden in these densely rolled leaves is a baffling and unforgettable oolong that will continue to unfold and evolve over more than a dozen infusions to see which flavorful personalities the Skunk Ape will reveal to you! We taste toffee, chocolate, seaweed, almond, cinnamon, coffee, and roasted vegetables. We smell everything Skunk Ape said above and more, including campfire, dried leaves, beach, stone, and wet rhinoceros.   


King Dragon 

All arise for I am King Dragon, an ancient and illustrious oolong tea. I smell of exquisite honey, leather, orchids, and wet stone. My taste is of ripe peaches, earth, and smoke with a smooth lingering sweetness.

As reverence for my exalted nature for millennia I was simply known as "The King of Tea". I also have been called an Imperial Da Hong Pao Wuyi Rock Oolong or Royal Red Robe, but all you need to know is that if you are to unleash my all-powerful leaves into the water, all other teas must bow before me.


Yixing Clay Dragon Tea Pot

The Yixing Clay Dragon Tea Pot is perfect for gong fu style brewing. Brew gong fu style in style with this 210ml little beast.


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