About Wendigo

Hey, I'm Sky White and I created Wendigo Tea Co. for a very simple reason: I want to drink the best teas in the world.

The more I learned about the tea business the more I realized I had to do this to see if others wanted the same thing.

Most American tea drinkers LOVE TEA but don’t know that America is the dumping ground of the world’s bad tea. Many store-bought tea bags are filled with ground-up old, bad, or dead bits that fall off of the good tea leaves, then are scented or flavored with fruit or herbs to improve the taste. (Kind of reminds you of fast food chicken nuggets, doesn’t it?)

I also realized that many of the places that had the teas I liked were way more expensive than they should be. Frustrated, I started buying my personal tea from the actual source overseas and shared it with my friends and family. The best teas (that soon became my favorites) can only be ordered and shipped in amounts that are way more than I could use. Thus Wendigo Tea Co. was born…

Other tea companies are so boring too... I got sick of this so Wendigo Tea Co. will always try to be better and drastically different than all the competition out there.

Everything I carry is of the highest possible quality that also beats the world's most strict organic standards or complies with EU regulations which have much more strict pesticide control standards than the US. 

Wendigo Tea Co. is able to massively undersell major tea companies while having higher grade product. Compare my prices and quality to anyone to see what I’m talking about. I can do this by keeping my simple business plan: Buy awesome tea and share it with friends.