White Porcelain Gaiwan

$ 17.00

There are other flavors and aromas waiting in your tea that can be experienced using a Gaiwan vs other brewing methods. This introductory level Gaiwan is a great way to begin Gaiwan brewing and see what you are missing.

If this type of brewing is new to you it may sound complicated but it is really just a small bowl with a lid, where the lid acts as a strainer. This one also comes with a small coaster. This type of strainer works best for teas that are made to be re-steeped such as oolongs, puer, or fresh greens and whites. *Gaiwan is not optimal for herbal teas*

It is genuinely a shocking experience when you taste a tea you already love brewed in a gaiwan for the first time. It is like finding something new and exciting about an old friend.

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