Tea Slug - Wendigo Exclusive Tea Pet - 2023 Edition

$ 44.00

Using a tea pet is a delightful and symbolic part of traditional tea culture. Follow these steps to incorporate a tea pet into your tea-drinking experience:

     Choose a tea pet that captures your fancy. Tea pets come in various shapes, from animals to mythical creatures. They are typically made of porous clay or ceramic.Position your tea pet on your tea tray or tea table, where it can be part of your brewing space. Before your tea session begins, rinse the tea pet with hot water. This not only cleans it but also warms the ceramic, enhancing its ability to absorb tea.As you brew your tea, pour the initial hot tea over the tea pet. This signifies a ceremonial "awakening" of the tea pet.Throughout your tea-drinking session, pour small amounts of tea over the tea pet. This not only keeps it moist but also imparts character over time, as the tea leaves its mark on the clay.
Observe any changes in the tea pet, such as color variations or patterns that may emerge with each tea session. Over time, the tea pet becomes a unique and personalized piece, reflecting your tea journey.Many tea enthusiasts believe that the tea pet absorbs the positive energy of the tea sessions, creating a bond between the tea drinker and the tea pet.

Remember, the joy of using a tea pet lies in the playful and personal connection it adds to your tea-drinking ritual. It's a fun and symbolic way to infuse your tea time with a touch of charm and tradition.

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