Skin Walker Ranch

$ 14.99

Skin Walker Ranch is our Open Source R&D Department. Some of these teas are already our monstrous lineup and some of them are bizarre and intriguing teas that we want you to try... because we think they are really cool. All of these are in extremely limited quantity because you are sharing in the research and development experience of Wendigo Tea Co. Live tasting videos are available on Facebook accompanying each box.


Skin Walker Ranch Box #Thirty-Eight is a 57g bag of Malawian Zomba Pearl White Tea. This is the first time having available one of the most unique teas I have experienced in years. It is elegant and strange looking, while having a lot of rare characteristics for a white tea. We will need be deciding on if this is going to be part of the Wendigo Core Lineup.

Skin Walker Ranch Box #Thirty-Nine is a 57g bag of Malawian ANTLER White Tea. This is the hard hitting challenger to the Malawian Zomba Pearl White Tea competing for the next spot in our lineup. Malawian ANTLER White Tea is oddly bold white tea with a rich caramel aftertaste. It looks like tiny baby antlers too. ; )

Skin Walker Ranch Box #Forty is a guest tea from our friends at Hanami Tea. Queen of heaven is an organic herbal blend with Lavender, Lemongrass, Hibiscus, and Butterfly Pea Flower. 

** Another competing strange Malawian Tea is in the running still though and we will share that once it comes in. **


-New limited quantity boxes will be added every Friday-

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