Jackalope Antler White Tea

$ 19.00

I am velvety, I am smooth, I am Jackalope. When you speak my name, like a flash I will come hopping to save you with a wild embrace of soft comfiness. Bad teas beware! 

My antlers taste of fresh cookie dough, vanilla, honey and fresh green veggies. My aroma is fresh spring flowers, grass, and apricot. You deserve a hero. You deserve Jackalope.

Jackalope Antler White Tea is a truly unique tea from Satemwa Estate in Malawi. Rather than developing a white tea with the usual leaves and buds from the tea plant they pluck the very top few inches of shoots as buds are appearing. This creates a final tea that looks like tiny knobby antlers.  This is an absolutely one of a kind tea drinking experience.

 *This is a presale for Jackalope Antler White Tea. Our first super fresh order of this tea should be to us in mid to late April and will get shipped out to you as soon as we get it in. *

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