The Initiation Gift Set

$ 55.00

Your tea journey starts HERE! The Initiation Gift Set is an easy first step in beginning to experience loose tea.

This gift set includes Bigfoot Black Tea (2 oz) and Siren Vocal Health Herbal Tea (2 oz), stainless steel steeper, and 1lb jar of premium honey from Hive & Comb. These teas are very accessible to even the most inexperienced tea drinker. ANYONE can steep these correctly and get a delicious brew with the Stainless Steel Steeper. 

This is a perfect gift for the tea lover that is just beginning down the path of loose tea. It is okay to be scared of change when you have been drinking tea from a bag your whole life, but there is an expansive world of breathtaking teas out there waiting for you once you take this first step.


The Initiation Gift Set Deluxe upgrades you to 5.5 oz tins of Bigfoot and Siren and gets you a sampler pack of our teas which we call Bag O' Baby Beasts.

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